Why Are So Many Younger Women Looking For Older Men?

Young women looking for older men


Why do younger women find some older men attractive? Well, the reasons extend beyond physical appearances. Unlike males, women's sexual preferences are influenced by non-physical factors, such as wealth, commitment, status and reliability. So if you're wondering why some young women prefer older men then here are some reasons that you may find useful.


Older Men Are More Financially Stable Compared to Younger Men


Of all the reasons why young women prefer older men, this one is the most important. In the United States, the U.S. Census Bureau has proven that older men are generally wealthier than their younger counterparts.


According to their findings, persons below the age of 35 have a median net worth of around $6,600. In contrast, those who are between 35 to 44 have a median net worth of around 35,000, while those who are 45 to 54 have a median net worth of around $84,500. The average net worth of older persons generally exceed $100,000. These findings are true for both men and women. Older people generally have more money than younger ones, simply because they have had more time to accumulate it.


Aside from raw wealth, older men also have more connections, contacts and credentials. Not only do these advantages allow them to find higher paying jobs, it also allows them to do things that younger men are generally incapable of doing, such as traveling or securing a new home. For many women, such things are tremendously important.


Older Men Are More Likely to Commit and Less Likely to Fool Around


Unlike younger men, older men are more inclined to settle down and commit themselves to a relationship. They are also less likely to engage in behaviors that borders on cheating.


This isn't to say that old men don't have any options, but compared to younger men, most of them don't have the time or the inclination to do those things that younger men like to do, like joining the local bar scene or try new experiences. Older men also generally have more experience in sexual and relationship matters, which some younger women consider to be important.


The same rule also applies to older women. Like their male counterparts, older women also feel the urge to settle down and find a stable relationship. It's not always an easy thing to do, but it is a common characteristic for those who have reached their late 30's and 40's, and this is something younger partners find attractive.


Older Men Are More Family Oriented


Older men are generally more adept at sugar daddy website that benefit family life, such as budgeting, financial investments and ensuring the financial and educational future of their children. They are also more likely to have a fatherly attitude towards things, and for young women who are interested in starting a family or having children, such qualities can be very important.


Some younger men also have similar qualities, but a man in his twenties is less likely to think like a father than a man who is already in his late thirties or forties. Not only do they lack the necessary life experiences, they also have different priorities, such as building up their careers or acquiring additional capital.




Young women choose older men for the simple reason that they are more stable, more productive and more likely to start a stable relationship. Also, unlike women, male sexual market value is determined as much by status and financial stability as physical beauty. It is for these reasons that women pursue older men, and why age is not always an issue.


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